K20 swaps

We consider K20 engine from Honda as the best available 2-liter engine on the market. Its potential can be easily used in different  vehicles than Honda originally intended.

Therefore, we offer kits for K20 swaps  into  following vehicles:
Honda Civic EG Civic EK and Integra DC2
Lotus: Elise S1 111S, S135, S160, S190, Motorsport Elise, Exige S1, Elise S2, S2 111S, 340R

Offered kits contain all necessary parts needed not only for the actual basic K20 swap (engine brackets, ECU, wiring, axles, headers, etc.) but also parts significantly simplifying K20 swap (modified cooling parts, gear shifters, clutch lines, etc.). Content of K20 Swap kit  is always adjusted to exactly match your needs and preferences.
We will gladly advise you with your K20 swap or we can perform swap for you.

K20 swap kits are imported directly from U.S. and United Kingdom manufacturers.

If you are interested in swapping K20 engine into different vehicle, we can help in this case as well.

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