K20 engine tuning

We offer modifications and tuning of K20A engines. We are offering all stages of K20 tuning, from simple modifications to complete K20 engine rebuild and preparation of race ready K20. Dependend on used  parts we are able to  get up to 300 hp for Naturally aspirated engines.

We  provide all the necessary components for K20 modification and tuning. From delivery of all racing parts needed to preparation of race spec K20 exactly according to your specification.

Based on how the K20 engine is used (street or race) and level of K20 modification we either use Omex ECU or Honadata ECU. To achieve the best possible K20 engine horsepower and torque,  we are using engine dyno or rolling road dyno.  When tuning and modifying K20 engine we always use method  in line with needs and preferences of our customers.

For further information please contact us and we will gladly provide you with additional information.


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